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"CG 101: A Computer Graphics Industry Reference"

All new completely revised and updated 2nd Edition for 2007!

A book by Terrence Masson
Published by Digital Fauxtography Inc.
500 pages. Many full color photos and illustrations.
ISBN# 0-9778710-0-2

A full 5 star Amazon.com rating

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1st English edition published by New Riders (1999) and in Japan by Graphic-sha Publishing Co. Ltd. (2001)


WHO should read this book and what should they get out of it?

WHAT is it all about?

Main Chapters:

  1. Color & Light
  2. Painting and Graphic Design
  3. Modeling
  4. Animation
  5. Rendering
  6. Compositing
  7. Input and output
  8. Historically Significant Companies. (With in-depth detail on projects and people.)
  9. Programming and mathematics
  10. Basic and Miscellaneous terms
  11. Computer Graphics Timeline. (from 1940 to today)
Mini-chapters and appendix include:
-Contributors stories will be mixed into the chapters where appropriate to keep things interesting...a real page turner!


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You've bought the book! Now I want to hear from you. This web page will be a permanent and constantly updated online companion to the text. I will be posting updates and additions, as well as correcting any printing mistakes that inevitably slip through the editing process. So please, if you have any input at all, email me with constructive critisism, suggestions for additions or clarifications.

Some words from the book's contributors:

"Great project you have going! Great idea!" -Frank Vitz

"Cool!" -Ken Perlin

"This is just such a great idea. This is a massive undertaking and I applaud you for doing it." -Sherry McKenna

"I like the idea.." -Sam Uselton

"... there is an astonishing lot of detail..."

"Great project, Amazing job, here. I'm sure you're getting comments from all over." -Brad deGraf

"Delighted to see the book is coming along.. your project sounds most interesting." -Carl Machover

"Great work- you've got a really good collection going. It was fun to read the old stories again." -Craig Upson

"Good news! I look forward to the book." -Greg Bear

"The book project sounds great," -Emily Nagle Green

"..do you really know what you've let yourself in for! Thanks for doing it, anyway" -Huw Jones

The Contributors

(What follows is a partial list of contributors and their emails at the time, a few are outdated)
These kind folks took time out of their busy schedules to contribute stories, facts, photos and feedback. Whether it was brief email notes, extensive phone interviews, or invitations into their homes to go through boxes of memorabilia...the generosity and enthusiasm of these men and woman never ceased to amaze me. My heartfelt thanks to them all.

Robert Abel
Will Anyelevowzch
Matt Arrott
Ian Ashdown
Norm Badler
Richard "Doc" Baily
John Bertron
Gavin Blair
Jim Blinn
Rod Bogart
Chris Briscoe
Paul Brown
Glen Campell
Wayne Carlson
Loren Carpenter
Rikk Carey
Ed Catmull
Ian Chisholm
Coco Conn
Charles Csuri
Larry Cuba
Tom DeFanti
Brad DeGraf
Gary Demos
John Paul Docherty
Art Durinski
Matt Elson
Stefen Fangmier
Michael Ferraro
Carl Frederic
Bo Gehring
Joseph Goldstone
Steve Gray
Emily Nagle Green
Ned Greene
Pat Hanrahan
Paul Heckbert
Rolf Herken
Christophe Hery
Christina Hills
Richard Hollander
John Hughes
Jim Kajiya
Mitsuru Kaneko
Jeff Kleiser
John Knoll
Ken C. Knowlton
Ed Kramer
Jim Kristoff
Bill Kroyer
Jaron Lanier
Marc Levoy
Jeff Light
Carl Machover
Mark Malmberg
Tim McHugh
Sherry McKenna
Doug McMillan
Martin Newell
Eileen O'Neil
Rod Paul
Dan Philips
Andrew Pearce
Con Pederson
Ken Perlin
Josh Pines
Kevin Rafferty
Ron Reynolds
Azriel Rosenfeld
Carl Rosenthal
Phil Sherwood
Sonya Shannon
Dave Sieg
Alvy Ray Smith
Arthur Shwartzberg
Doug Smythe
Serge Sretschinsky 
Nancy St.John
Ivan Sutherland
Mark Sylvester
Richard Taylor
Robert Taylor
Pauline Tso
Kevin Tureski
Craig Upston
Craig Upson
Steve Upstill
Bill Villarreal
Frank Vitz
Michael Wahrman
Diana Walczak
John Wash
Edward Zajec
Craig Zerouni

Also, these additional folks are either contributors, from the original DOA list, friends of friends or just plain "old timers".
Either way, thanks to a hard disc crash I don't have most of the names to go with emails, sorry.
Add your name so we can keep this list growing.
Joe Alter, RA&A '85
Allan Battino
Bert Terreri
Thadeus Bier
Kevin Bjorke
Beth Leitner
Michael Busch
cheryl@rhythm.com ,
Adam Chinn
Clark Anderson
Claudia Sumner
Ken Cope
crh3@rga.com ,
cwr@red.com ,
dan@rhythm.com ,
dave@tricon.net ,
Dave@Yost.com ,
Dave Keller
David Ginsberg
Larry Davidson
Allan DeBevoise
dgordon@algorithmic.com ,
dcox@ncsa.uiuc.edu ,
Erin Hoffer
Eric Guaglioni
fchism@seattle.sgi.com ,
footagenow@aol.com ,
freeman@caip.rutgers.edu ,
FX51@aol.com ,
georgia@rhythm.com ,
Gordon Garb
gherman@sidefx.com ,
Harold@spicenet.net ,
Isaac Allan Lieberman; RA&A, Abel Image Research (AIR)
jaggy@netcom.com ,
Jim Aller
jimm@spimageworks.com ,
Joan Collins Carey; Abel Image Research
john@sbst.com ,
jrapley@indy.spicenet.net ,
John Whitney
kayjayem@flash.net ,
Liza Keith
keith@rhythm.com ,
kerry@rhythm.com ,
Kim@Aldis.co.uk ,
kim@sidefx.com ,
kleve@netcom.com ,
lance@anim.dreamworks.com ,
Larry Yeager
Larry Luther
marcel@netlink.mlinet.com ,
maxine@eecs.uic.edu ,
mayerson@sidefx.com ,
michael@rhythm.com ,
lstead@alum.mit.edu ,
malone@nichimen.com ,
Michael Gibson
patk@bvve.disney.com ,
Paul Isaacs
paul@rhythm.com ,
paul@totalmedia.com ,
Mark Stetson
primateprod@earthlink.net ,
phb@sidefx.com ,
pifbosc@earthlink.net ,
Porl Perrott
Randall Rudd
Randy Roberts
Ray Feeney
roger@3dschool.com ,
roy@joey.com ,
David Ruhoff
Tandy Martin
tlm@microsoft.com ,
Michael Whitney
wicinas@well.com ,
wolfwimr@west.net ,
wyndham@gwha.com ,
ycsung@alumni.caltech.edu ,
-Please pass on the URL location of this page to anyone else you think may be interested in this book.-

You may contact me, Terrence "Tman" Masson

Special Announcement
Terrence Masson has begun a collaboration with Anna Ursyn on a comprehensive "History of Computer Graphics and Art".
The project will tentatively consist of a complimentary published text by Masson and online database by Ursyn.
For more information and an online call for participation please go here.